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I am Blazej Sewera, a software engineer from Poland, currently living in Warsaw. I love everything related to programming, technology, maths and design. When I collaborate, I optimize for learning and managing complexity. I am a pair programming evangelist, so I like to spread my knowledge across my team.

I have been coding since 4th grade of primary school and wanted to broaden my horizons since. I have a lot of projects on my github, I collaborate on open-source, and I write my blog about software engineering.


My specialties

I’m fascinated by everything software-related: frontend and backend software engineering, software architecture design, graphic design, IT administration, and team management.

I work with Go and TypeScript almost everyday, I have experience with React, Astro, Nginx, Spring, Django, and lots more, both in development and deployment. My server, this website, and my blog are designed, coded and secured all by myself from scratch. Apart from serving a website, I use it for synchronization between devices, my private repositories and backing up my work.

Pet projects and research

Web development is not my only strong point. I really indulge in recreational development. I wrote countless tools for fun or to automate daunting tasks. For example, my wallpaper switcher, written in Python with a server — client architecture. Oh, and it features day and night split for light and dark wallpapers, based on the coordinates!

I read countless books and watch enormous amounts of dev conferences. I’m a huge fan and follower of Dave Farley, and his view on software engineering. I love his book, Modern Software Engineering, and I look for every way to do what works to build better software faster.



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